Friday, December 28, 2012

Copyright and Youtube

In the previous post, I shared my journey of creating a mashup using Haiku Deck and iMovie.  After several changes, I uploaded by last video with more upbeat music.

A few hours later I was looking at my video manager on youtube only to find the following:

I was a little stunned to say the least since I spent a good amount of time struggling with the musical choice or lack of in iMovie.  Finally I settled on the upbeat music that you can hear in the video.  So I quickly defended my video since it has always been my understanding that iMovie jingles are copyright and royalty free.

Here is my response.

As I did more searches, I have found that many youtube videos are being disputed by APM Music.  I feel like I have a good understanding of copyright and I find it curious that someone found a video by little old me in less than 5 hours to dispute the sound recording.

UPDATE on Jan. 3, 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mashing with iMovie and Haiku Deck

I love Haiku Deck and as I was designing our school video, I realized that Haiku Deck could provide something that iMovie couldn't.

As you watch the video, you will realize that I took the picture of the beginning of the video to use in the Haiku Deck.  Here are the steps of the Haiku Deck and iMovie Mashup

1.  I designed the Haiku Deck using the pictures on my iPad.
2.  I exported the Haiku Deck into Powerpoint on my MacBook Pro.
3.  I exported the Powerpoint out as pictures.
4.  I imported the pictures into iMovie on my MacBook Pro.
5.  After each picture, I dragged the video footage to match.

Here is what can be created when mashing two powerful applications.

Take One 

Take Two 

Take Three 

iPad iMovie Trailers

Next month, several students and I will be leading an after-school course on designing iPad iMovie Trailers.  In my search to learn about how to create an iMovie on the iPad, I found some really amazing resources.

Teaching Paradox has a wonderful PDF that can be downloaded to storyboard the trailer.

I didn't know how to use iMovie so I started by going to youtube and searching for instructional videos.  I have embedded one of a series of excellent video tutorials by MichaelLcowling that I used to learn.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

On Wisconsin!

The DEN is about bringing educators together to network by creating common experiences.  This past Saturday DEN members met in our state capitol, Madison to learn and share with each other.

Starting at the Capitol building, participants learned about the history of one of the most important buildings in our state.  The beautiful holiday tree was decorated and many photography experiences abounded.

Next we toured The Overture Center, Madison's community performance center.  Touring both theaters, behind the scenes, and dressing rooms, we were able to see the inner parts and learn the history of a beautiful building.  We even were able to listen to a performance of the historical organ playing holiday music from around the world.

Lastly sitting around the fireplace at Starbucks, we shared ways that we are using Discovery Education products in our classroom.

Here are links to prior posts of ways to integrate DE into classroom practice:
1.  Use a modified KWL chart and DE as one tool for research

2.  Using resources from DE and green screening

3.  Music videos using songs and videos from DE

How do you use DE?  Please share your ideas.  The power of the DEN is sharing what you do with other educators.

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