Monday, June 18, 2012


So I never really understood the draw of geocaching until yesterday.  The power of good professional educational networks is the joy of learning with others who are passionate about teaching and learning. My DEN friends finally pushed me into trying geocaching.  Mind you, I am the only one of my group who still holds on to my "dumb" phone.  I just didn't see the possibilities of geocaching.

But there is something about finding that first find.  Like an adult treasure hunt!  Who doesn't like a treasure hunt?

So of course the teacher in me immediately starts to think of the connections I can make to the classroom.

Here are some ideas:
1.  geocaching would be an excellent way to teach mapping skills
2.  create a cache that builds a global story - start a yarn of a tale where each finder adds to the story that is created
3.  invent stories behind the caches
4.  learn about places in your community
5.  map a travel bug on google earth

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